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About me

© Ruth Ehrmann

© Ruth Ehrmann


Dr. Sandor Richter, Psychotherapist in training under supervision, specialised in family systems therapy


Why did I choose family systems therapy for my vocation?


‘To go home may be impossible, but it is often a driving necessity, or at least a compelling dream. ... Home is a concept, not a place, it is a state of mind where self-definition starts; it is origins – the mix of time and place and smell and weather wherein one first realizes one is an original. ... Home ... remains in the mind as a place where reunion, if it were ever to occur, would happen. ... It is about restoration of the right relations among things – and going home is where that restoration occurs, because that is where it matters most.’

Cited from Monica McGoldrick’s book: You Can Go Home Again. Reconnecting with Your Family

Again and again, when I read this short text, it touches me deeply. If I were to give a brief answer to the question why I chose the family systems therapy for my vocation, I would reply that I know only few more sublime emotions than the one I feel if I can lend a helping hand to men and women, adults and children, siblings and couples, intact or broken families, who all would like to ‘go home’ but who, on their own, cannot find the way leading there.


About me


  • Born in Budapest, school and university studies in Hungary

  • Since 1977: researcher in social sciences

  • 1990: emigration to Austria

  • Married, two adult sons, living in Vienna and Budapest


Professional qualifications



Professional experience


  • Since 2016: Psychotherapist in training under supervision, specialised in family systems therapy, in independent practice in Austria

  • Since 2014: Family counsellor in training under supervision, in independent practice in Hungary

  • 2013-2019: Internship in special-care home Maimonides Zentrum, Vienna; ESRA Psychosocial Center, Vienna; Institute for Couple and Family Therapy, Wiener Sozialdienste

  • 2010-2011: Teaching at the University of West Hungary (Sopron), course: ‘Conflict resolution in a multicultural context’

  • Since 2008: Member of the board of trustees at Partners Hungary, an NGO for mediation/alternative conflict management in Budapest

  • Since 2001: Mediator in independent practice, Vienna and Budapest

  • 1990-2019: researcher at The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

  • 1979-1990: researcher at KTI, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest




  • English

  • German

  • Hungarian